The wood kiln porcelain in front,Just embarrass them,But I can find a piece of wood kiln porcelain,All other unbearable,Can accept it。

Of course,Ye Xin actually mixed some personal feelings in it。
The Chinese who donated this baby,Have donated cultural relics lost overseas to their museum many times,Is a very patriotic old gentleman,Ye Xin respects。now,That old gentleman has passed away,So I heard Hu Yang said it was fake,I can’t control my emotions for a while。
“Glass identification,There are three guidelines,You know?”
Ye Xin nodded:“color、shape、taste,Is there a problem?This color,Han Dynasty is there,Shape words,Actually can’t see,Because this is sculpted。Smell problem?”
“Color includes color、Transparency and texture,This is the first rule for identifying Liuli。
Because the color of colored glaze is achieved through a special formula,Every dynasty、Each period has its own unique formula and color preference,And due to the limitation of geographical and technological level,The earlier you get the dynasty formula, the less。
blue,It is the most classic color of early colored glaze,If you see it is pure green,That’s definitely not Han Dynasty,The colored glaze of the Han Dynasty is not pure green,All with a little blue。
Yellow words,Han Dynasty,But rarely。at this point,We can’t distinguish。”Hu Yang explained to everyone。
“but,Speaking of transparency,The Han Dynasty should be such a transparent glassware。”
He told everyone,In ancient my country, transparent colored glaze was rarely used,Except for some imported utensils。So now the transparent Zhanhan colored glaze flying everywhere on the market,Basically can be classified as fake,Or imported products。
The only exception,Yangchenghe.Some multi-sided white transparent glass beads unearthed in Pu,These beads have a particularly high proportion of silicon,It may be a very special glass system product in South Asia。
“less,Doesn’t mean there is no。”Ye Xin said。