Tao Zhenzhen doesn’t care if she gets scolded or not,Anyway, you have to think about the consequences if you find me wrong。

You treat me as your opponent,It depends on whether I want to talk to you。
The words behind Tao Zhenzhen made the Yang family froze,A smile flashed in Yang Weiguo’s eyes,Yang Weidong’s face is full of shock,No wonder the old lady always said that this is a pretty woman,Dare to say anything……He sweats profusely,It really is,Glanced at the youngest next to him,Secretly rejoicing,Fortunately, my old lady came up with this idea and pushed him to the third,otherwise……
Old lady lying on the kang,I even forgot to call,One hand was trembling for a long time before he let out a breath and then called out,It’s just that I didn’t say anything“buy、generous”Words come。
Yang Lao Er went out with a green face and scolded Zhu Yuxia。
Listening to Zhu Yuxia being scolded like a third grandson,Tao Zhenzhen was not as happy as expected,Just feel tired,Staying in this poor mountain village all day,Quarrel with a shrew,She was really afraid that soon she would become a mean person like Zhu Yuxia and the old lady。
Shi Yuqing looked at Ersao sympathetically,She also found out,The third sister of the new four doors,Seems to be scolded by the old lady and Ersao every day,But actually,Every time the old lady was so mad that she was so angry,As for the second sister,My second brother will scold her every time。
Others may have discovered this phenomenon,Sansao doesn’t reply now,Just ask Brother Er to finish。
She vaguely felt something was wrong,It seems that the second brother is too kind to the third sister?
This thought came up in my heart,She stopped immediately,I looked at Sansao and Second Brother in horror:Do not,No way!
She quickly lowered her head,Afraid of being spotted,I wondered whether to talk to the fourth?
Tao Zhen really didn’t know that Shi Yuqing had so many thoughts in her heart,Or say,She loves thinking about this boring person,You see she doesn’t like to talk like a coward,Watching only,But love gossip,I will share gossip with others whenever I get the chance,Such people are not so honest and simple on the surface。How could this kind of character and thought be less?!
She also thinks what’s wrong with Lao Yang’s scolding Zhu Yuxia,She always takes care of,Yang Lao Er scolding his wife will only give the villagers a sense of reason。It also more and more brings out Zhu Yuxia’s unreasonable vixen image。
As for his lack of protection,This is the simplest and most pragmatic life of the people in poor mountain villages,This situation was the real life at the time。You are in the countryside,I know my family is wrong,No matter what you think,On the bright side,Otherwise, the foaming star of the common people can drown you,Just like Tao Zhenzhen before。
Think so,She thinks this era also has the benefits of this era。
Different ages,Different education,Different environment,Different psychology,Different characteristics,Created different ways of doing things。
After all, the New Year is about to come,The atmosphere is too depressing and not good,Tao Zhenzhen beckoned to the children:“New year tomorrow,Let’s each perform a show, OK??”
No tv no internet,No entertainment,What are you doing this night??