After the stroll, the first phase of Shangdu Mansion,Went to the construction site under construction in Phase II again。

Even the construction site,Well managed。
Did a great job in all aspects,There are too many places worth learning from other construction sites!
Tang Long and Zhou Zheng both admire Lao Huang very much。
in this aspect,Old Huang’s ability,Really didn’t say!
After the visit,I prepare Huang to go to the headquarters。
He will become the executive vice president of Brilliant Real Estate!
Old Huang turned down my kindness very sincerely!
He is very sure that he is more suitable for the market that is very familiar with the picture above,Deeply cultivate brilliant real estate!
If you let him go to work at the headquarters,There is no room for his strengths and strengths。
I respected his choice,Leave Shangdu and surrounding markets to him!
Brilliant Real Estate Shangdu Branch,Upgrade to the second largest branch company!
The second largest area includes the real estate development map of more than ten major cities including Shangdu!
Actually,This second largest area is the largest area in the entire brilliant real estate area!
Even if Huang does not enter the headquarters,He is also responsible for the most important market development and management of Brilliant Real Estate!
Lao Huang didn’t decline this time,He feels he can do this job。
Lao Huang has many things to be busy,We have taken up too much of his time。
He goes busy with his own affairs,We go to Kuangda Technology。