“what?1035Billion?”The three heads exclaimed at the same time,“Tianyu,You are.”

“No way!No way!”Lord Lu reacted quickly,I thought Qiao Tianyu paid for it,Put the money from the three houses。
“Tianyu,Absolutely not!Although our four big families are not as wealthy as the Arrow Sakura organization,But we are not the ones who lack money,I can’t let you sit on your own。”
“Hahaha,Lu Ye,You misunderstood。”Qiao Tianyu laughed and stuffed the money into Lu Ye,“1035Billion na!I don’t have so much money, Qiao Tianyu,You just let me pad,I can’t pad it either!”
“What’s the matter with the money?”The three heads asked in unison。
“This money is indeed everyone’s,I didn’t discuss with everyone before,Just put everyone’s oil35Sold to New Arctic Petroleum for a barrel of dollars,That extra235One hundred million U.S. dollars,Is everyone’s profit!”Qiao Tianyu explained with a smile。
“Our oil sold?”Look at me all three heads,I see you,Some can’t believe it。
It’s not that Ador’s storage tanks are all empty,Has the oil been stored by the Arrow Sakura organization?,How did Qiao Tianyu find it??
“Haha,This is a long story,How about this,I show something to three seniors,Everyone will understand。”
Speaking, Qiao Tianyu took out the last photo of Jordaan from his pocket,Put it in front of Lu Ye。
“This.”The three heads are at a loss,I don’t know why Qiao Tianyu showed them Qiao Dahua’s photos.,Everyone looked at Qiao Tianyu again。
And Qiao Tianyu is not in a hurry,Reverse that photo,See that the address on the back of the photo is shown to the three masters。
The three heads are all human beings,When they see the address on the back of the photo,I instantly understood what Qiao Tianyu meant,Pointing at Qiao Tianyu, raising his head and laughing。
“alright,Tianyu!”Master Lu led everyone to their feet,Very satisfied and gave a thumbs up to Qiao Tianyu,“It seems you already understand,Then we can rest assured,Hahaha.”