Sports car door open,Xia Chenglong’s eyes showed light,Glanced at everyone,I found that everyone’s attention is not here,Use decisively“Lightning Walk!”
Now he is a ghost,Is an unstoppable existence under the dark night。
“Want to go,Did you go?”
Xia Chenglong appeared directly behind that person,The other party reacts quickly,Can turn around with a sword,So as to use this little time to distance the two sides。
just……These are not enough!
The gun in the hand is directly used as a hidden weapon to fly out,So as to block the back path of the opponent,Raise your foot,Kick out in front of。
Urgent situation,The man crossed his arms,Can block an attack,But at the same time,Retreat rapidly,Hit the stone pillar hard。
Chapter six hundred and twenty-four In the calculation
The other party has not had time to do anything,A big hand like pliers directly strangles the throat。
Xia Chenglong didn’t hide his strength at this time,Choose to do it directly。
Yingzi is not in the car,The other party already transferred it at the very beginning。
“do not know!”
Facing Xia Chenglong’s questioning, don’t let go。
well,He likes people like this。
The strength in the hands gradually increases,And a flame goes directly into the opponent’s body,Began to destroy his meridians。