“I said how can I make more than 10,000 yuan a month。”Mother Chen didn’t say anything envious。

Chen Wenjin also knows,He himself is not so anxious about things,Should be influenced by his mother,The moral code should be influenced by his father,The future has also witnessed the long river of time,When people and things pay the price,Also experienced some ups and downs personally。
For example, this old Zhao,I was very proud for a few years,The money earned makes many people envy,But then something happened,Although the company cannot verify the previous matter,But also know that he is not the first offender,Transfer to idle,Bonuses are greatly reduced,Many years to come、Lost until retirement,I don’t know how much more than I have fished in recent years,It has also become a negative teaching material for Master Chen and colleagues。
The family packed up and set off,Chen Wenjin rides in the car driven by his father Chen,Never used to。
Lord Chen’s driving is full of chronological characteristics,Turning rarely lights up。Besides,He and young people like to seek the pleasure of braking,I especially like sudden brakes,It is never possible to slow down in advance。
Chen Wenjin rides in the car driven by his father Chen,From time to time, the body rushes forward‘Surprise’Experience。
Until the future in his memory,The traffic environment is very civil,Lord Chen still retains the driving characteristics of this era。
To the place,Chen Qian is so fresh,Wandering around the holiday villa with Mother Chen。
“brother,You come see!”
“brother!You come and see!”
“brother!Come and see in the yard!”
Chen Wenjin answered the phone in the room,Wang Shuai,Leopard,Xiao Xiao,Kotaka,benefit,I called him early in the morning,Silent on the road,He guessed it was Wang Shuai who organized the event,Otherwise it should not be so neat。
“seaside,old place。Someone used it today,That person has nothing to come,So I decided to come here temporarily。Missed your call,We have set off,Ride by yourself。”Wang Shuai guessed that Chen Wenjin was avoiding the inconvenience of his parents to use his eldest brother.,Can’t help but say:“You made a lot of money with your dad account,Let them know what happened to you buying a phone?”
“I am waiting for the new model to come out and prepare to buy it for my mom and Chen Qian,we’ll talk about it then。”Chen Wenjin stood on the balcony after talking,I wonder if Wang Shuai doesn’t know what it’s like to be nagged by his mother,But Wang Shuai didn’t understand this,He looked at the south and said:“You find a window facing north。”
“……You have arrived?”Wang Shuai couldn’t help but guess,Found a room to go in,Standing in front of the window,I saw a person standing on the balcony diagonally opposite,Holding a mobile phone,Waved,Can’t help laughing:“Coincidence。Come and play。”