“Xiaozhi,Xiaozhi answered me。”Lu Menglin held his breath,Trying to connect with Xiaozhi in my mind。

Very strange,When I was outside just now,Xiaozhi can still cooperate with herself,Against those robot guards,Calculate their attack routes,But after entering the core area,I can’t reach Xiaozhi。
Maybe the energy here is disordered or the magnetic field is too strong,Caused Xiaozhi to interfere with his spiritual connection。It’s like being in my old lair in Jingshen Valley,All communication equipment,Electronic equipment will fail。
“Jiang Chuyu!thank you!I am going home finally!”Su Yi can no longer keep calm,Said with a smile。
now,The smile on her face is as bright as a flower,Like the girl in white who smiled in the wind。
Jiang Chuyu smiled,Outstretched arm,Made a shooting action,As naughty as a teenager。
This action made Su Yi’s heart shake,I remembered the time the two spent together,The man in front of you,Always change ways to make her happy。
May you run away for half your life,I was still a teenager when I returned!
but,The countdown sound suddenly came from the computer screen,And those bright red logos,Su Yi brought Su Yi back to reality。
“What did you do?What did you just do?”Su Yi snapped,The expression is so hideous as to kill。
“nothing much!You want to go home so much,I just dumped some rubbish at your door。A little bit of evil,You should not be offended?”Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu smiled in front of him。
The bright red numbers in front of the computer screen are still beating in the countdown,In a blink of an eye, only the last ten seconds are left。
“Oh my god!Lord, you activated the nuclear bomb to detonate?”The great scientist Liu Cixi finally reacted,Yelled with horror。
He shouted,The entire control hall is messed up。
Everyone got up in a panic,Try to escape,Everyone’s face is full of fear。
The power of nuclear weapons,It is too shocking。And the scope of the nuclear explosion,Lethality,Simply desperate。
Su Yi strode forward,Rushed to Jiang Chuyu,Screamed:“Stop!Stop now!”
At this moment,There are five seconds left in the countdown to the detonation of the nuclear bomb,Actually everyone knows it’s too late。
It’s clearly marked on the computer screen,The tipping point of the nuclear bomb,It is in the fifth prison in the mining area thousands of meters underground。