Nothing else,He can’t agree with the wife。

If the daughter-in-law knew that she had joined her sister’s demon group,That’s fine?What greeted him was not as simple as a hundred years of abstinence,I’m afraid I won’t let him go to bed forever!
“That’s good,I’m really afraid you can’t stand the temptation of this woman。”Lena breathed a sigh of relief,The other party is much more mature than her。
If you are abducted,She really can’t stop,After all, the Xiongbing Company has no regulations for mandatory retention。
Ok,It’s useless even if there are regulations,The guy in front of me is better than her。
Hear Lena’s answer,Wu Xing’s face darkened,What nonsense are you talking about?,She is my sister-in-law!
He can have ideas about his sister-in-law?I’m afraid it’s not that some novels have been read too much!
at the same time,Cold ice after leaving,The more I think about it, the more wrong,The more I think it’s too coincidental,Finally changed back to Morgana again,Back to Devil One。
“queen,Why are you back。”Artest in the cockpit,See the queen appear,Somewhat surprised。
“Do you have the latest information from angels??”Morgana ignored Artest’s words,But asked directly。
“amount,queen,You know,Angels are always looking for us,We have been on the run for hundreds of years……Are avoiding,So only the information a hundred years ago。”Heard the queen’s question,Artest answered truthfully。
“by,Is there no information for the past two years??”Morgana,Suddenly cursed。
What’s the use of information from a hundred years ago?!
“No,queen。”Artest wants to make the queen happy,But it is so。
“okay,Connect me to Karna’s perverted communication,Said the queen I have something to ask him。”See here,Morgana can only find another way,Solve the mystery in happiness。