The car galloped all the way,quickly,Stop right in front of the office building dedicated to the Presidium of the Council of Ministers,When the car stopped,Nicholas·Where is Malinkov waiting,Seeing Chen Geng walking out of the car door,Nicholas·Malinkov happily gave Chen Geng a bear hug:“Fernandez,my friend,I want to kill me。”

First992chapter You are a man
Chen Geng smiled and patted Nicholas·Malenkov’s majestic back:“my friend,I miss you too,In addition,I heard that you will be promoted soon?congratulations。”
Because of Nicholas·Malinkov is Xiang Sange“Give away”The Kiev aircraft carrier performed well throughout the negotiation process,Now the negotiation work is almost over,It’s time to discuss merits and rewards,no doubt,Nicholas·Malinkov made great contributions,As long as the contract is signed,Nicholas·On the head of Malinkov“vice”Words can be removed。
Chen Geng’s words are obviously scratching Nicholas·Malinkov’s heart itch,This guy’s grinning mouth seems to be a bit bigger again:“Actually I just did some of my own work,This is the trust of Comrade Gorbachev and the people in me……”
Watching Nicholas·Malinkov’s proud look,Chen Geng poked his lips secretly in his heart:Just pretend,Look at your face,The proud ones are almost deformed。
In front of others,Nicholas·Malinkov is a look,But I got to my office、When there are only two people in the room,Nicholas·Malinkov is another way,He frowned,Looks stressed:“Mr. Fernandez,I feel that the recent wind direction seems a bit wrong……”
“Oh?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows:“How to say?”
Say so,But Chen Geng was emotional:These guys,Sure enough, all of them are loach,Very slick,The wind direction is slightly wrong and I feel it。
Chen Geng is a community of interests,At least in the Soviet Union,I heard this question from Chen Geng,Nicholas·Malinkov didn’t sell it.,Low channel:“Comrade Gorbachev’s recent decisions,I can’t understand,Feel like……It’s just like……”
Nicola·Malinkov finished,Chen Geng took the conversation:“It’s like you know that there is a bastard who is thinking about your property,But Comrade Gorbachev’s approach was not to take the initiative to reinforce the walls of his home.,On the contrary, he is tearing down the walls of his home?”
“Yes,This is the feeling!”Nicholas·Malinkov slapped his thigh heavily,His confused way:“I really don’t understand why he did this,Some of his decisions、Certain practices,Make people feel……feel……”
The following words,Nicholas·Malinkov can’t tell。