Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Eight Sun Xiaotou
I probably know the bottom of the silver coin is Datong,How can you give up easily?
Why is it about?
In fact,He is not quite sure that it is true。After all, this silver coin,There are many fakes now。Look at the style,He knew it was a relatively rare currency,Very valuable,Can’t tell if it’s genuine。
and so,He actually has the element of betting。
in fact,He is the kung fu of a three-legged cat,otherwise,Who wants to keep doing this kind of work,Special running low-level,Not inflow at all。He has heard of,There is Antique Association,But never qualified to join。
now,They all called the price of two thousand,He started to hesitate。
If it is genuine,He has to take it down。But now the problem is that we are not quite sure,According to his experience、His feeling,It should be a genuine product。
“Two thousand and one。”
Your sister’s!Add 100 every time,Kind of disgusting!
But now,Anyone can see,His value on this silver coin。otherwise,Will not continue to increase prices and do not give up,I said two or three times to leave,But stay honestly,Self-face。
“Uncle,You are too much!I pay 10,000。”Populus seems to be stimulated by the other’s behavior。
As soon as this said,Sister Lan’s eyes widened,Ten thousand?
For her,Ten thousand is a huge sum。She wants to ask Hu Yang:You speak,Is it true??Isn’t it just for a while??
“Oh shit!madman,Too lazy to care about you。”Qian Datong will never argue again,Turn around and leave。